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Best OPI nail polish colors

November 26, 2013 Nail designs

image for OPI nail polish colors
If you are looking for excellent nail polishes, the ones which will both be affordable and make your nails look amazing, then what you need is OPI nail polish colors. Let us show you why many girls worldwide simply cannot stop using it!

Few words on POI

Before you find out more about OPI nail polish colors, you need to get to know a bit about their history. OPI started to work in 1981, and their first field of interest was manufacturing dental appliances. Few years after that, they decided to start producing body care cosmetics, and that is when all the lovely OPI nail polish colors came into being. Thirty and more years of successful work really means something, and they wouldn’t reach this far with popularity if it wasn’t for millions of happy and fulfilled consumers worldwide. The market is very harsh nowadays, so you need to do your best to be noticed.

More good words about OPI

The next step is to get to know you with the structure of OPI nail polish colors. As you know, the most important for a polish is to be long lasting and that it doesn’t chip off just like that. With OPI you won’t have such problems, because it is a top quality product. Another important thing for every polish is that it contains no bad substances, such as DBP, formaldehyde or Toluene, and OPI manufactures have stop putting those ingredients in polishes. So, for very nice price you can get an excellent quality nail polish, which will satisfy all your demands. So, no reason to wait anymore, get some of the OPI nail polish colors!

OPI throughout seasons!

So, more you should know about OPI nail polish colors is where can you wear them. The answer is – everywhere! No matter which color is your skin, or what style you prefer, which season is now, you will definitely find the thing you need in OPI palette. If you want to have some ordinary, casual look, you can wear some light shades, pink, beige and similar. If you prefer darker and more seductive style, have some of the red or maroon, maybe black or violet shades. There are lots of interesting polishes with glitters, so for those who love that detail, check out the OPI nail polish colors palette again. As you can see, they have done their best to make something that will be affordable and likable to anybody, and that is the reason they last so long, because the balance they made couldn’t be more perfect!

Nail polish designs

March 1, 2013 Nail designs

Finally, we, the girls are able to express our inventiveness and creativity and imagination on our nails. There are a vast number of nail polish designs that are so cute and elegant and gorgeous. The best thing is that you can draw your nails whatever you wish and thus to create your own nail polish designs.


 Nail polish designs    Nailpolishdesigns     Nail_polish_designs


Nail polish designs in no time

If you do not have a lot of time to dedicate to your nail care and make your nail look wonderful, but you still want to look nice, I have an idea for you. Maybe you should consider using some of the crackle nail polishes in order to get a wild and trendy, but simple and fast nail polish design. You can use the color you like as your base color and then simply apply the crackle nail polish.

Acrylic nail designs 2013

January 2, 2013 Nail designs

When we think about acrylic nail designs 2013, first thought on our mind is to draw attention. These nails are perfect for making it your own, with lots of color, like red, yellow, green, pink, every color that catches your eye is a color for you.


 Acrylic nail designs 2013


Different styles, designs…

In the market you can find a lots of details, zircon, stones, or something you can glue. Nails are trademark of every women, she has to think about their care, their appearance. Nails should be designed with a sense of beautiful, stylized, to show your creative spirit. Acrylic nail designs 2013 are designs inspired with infatuation, daily to socialize with friends, drinking coffee in your favorite place, going in shopping. Everything what makes you feel better is consider to be an inspiration for acrylic nail designs 2013.

Simple nail art designs

November 21, 2012 Nail designs

In art, as we know, there is a wide variety of roads we can take, roads to creativity and beauty in a way that not all people can understand. Even simple nail art designs have their place in art and have been a personal enjoyment for people around the world.


 Simple nail art designs


Why do women paint their nails?

When you shake hands with some one, simple nail art designs is one of the first thing you will notice. They will catch your eye if they are done both creatively and wonderfully and it can make any woman happy. Generally, they are really fun to do and its worth the time spent because, when your done, you can just sit back and do your work while basking in your simple nail art designs.

Homemade nail polish remover

October 24, 2012 Nail designs

Many people are wondering why we must pay for nail products for apply and remove it. It’s enough to pay for nail polish; we don’t want to pay for removing it too. If you agree with me, I have a simple solution for that problem, it’s homemade nail polish remover.

You can use nail polish remover from store but believe me homemade nail polish remover is even better than these what we are buying. Almost all products that we use to get rid of polish from our nail fingers use just two active ingredients. It’s acetone or ethyl acetate, and I’m sure that you have it in your own house. Just be carefull all of these nail polish remover are flammable, toxic and very dangerous to our skin. Read More

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