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How to make a bow tie

November 26, 2014 Other

Take some time to read about How to make a bow tie.


How to make a bow tie


Detail that works in everyday life

Did you true with bow tie, it’s an easy way to look classy and elegant, in some way retro, but always cool. If you can’t find it in all kinds of shops, you can make it yourself easy, all you need is a little knowledge about cutting material and will to make it. If you are someone who likes to search shops in hope to find something extraordinary, you are the person for this project.



Inspire people around you

How to make a bow tie is a matter of inspiration, you can make it in old school combination, black and white, or can make it colorful. Aren’t you bored of every day wardrobe with no personal sign, or your supplement in locker. Surprise your men with this little gesture, explain to him that you know how to make a bow tie, and that a bow tie can be a great detail even to women. You must use scissors, and cut it in way you get a shape, which you latter transform.




Bow tie in special occasion

Take a walk with your man, so people can see your art work, you should be proud because you made something with your own hands, with lot of love, and sense for fashion details. How to make a bow tie is easy, easy way you want to go in showing your quality, if you have time, and it could be a perfect gift, surprise, or reward for someone you love. Always think on others, and that will be return to you.


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Make a special bow tie for your family members, your friends and special friends. Style is something you have in yourself, and it’s time to show it, so everybody could see it. Wear it proudly. Hope this was helpful to know how to make a bow tie.